Alcohol Awareness Program


Alcohol Awareness Program

To schedule a seminar, contact Lt. Marc Pino at 255-5919 or by email.

The Alcohol Awareness Program features several teaching aids from Fatal Vision®.

Dates and times of events are listed in the Current Schedule of Crime Prevention Programs.


SIDNE (Simulated Impaired DriviNExperience) from Fatal Vision is a battery-powered vehicle.  Alcohol and other drug impairment is simulated through a delayed response mode (affects steering, braking, and acceleration).  Safety features include 2 three-point safety belts, a design to prevent rollovers, a limited top speed (modes of 4mph or 8mph), and an instructor remote (limiting range, controlling modes of operation, and can be used to brake/stop the vehicle).A women driving a SIDNE cart

Fatal Vision® Goggles

Fatal Vision® Goggles simulate sight impairment for three levels of estimated BAC (less than .06, .07 to .10+, and .17 to .20+) in both daylight and nighttime conditions.

BAC - Blood Alcohol Content