Bomb Threat Emergency Response Procedures

Bomb Threat

Bomb Threat Emergency Response Procedures

All university personnel should know the procedures for handling a bomb threat emergency.  These procedures should be readily available and in the hands of all employees who, by reason of their assignment, might be expected to receive a phone call, verbal or physical threat, suspicious mail, suspicious e-mail, or packages.  This category includes, but is not limited to, all telephone operators, mail handling personnel, receptionists and secretaries to university officers.



  1. Contact Public Safety at ext. 3111 or (719) 255-3111.  Request immediate assistance regarding a bomb threat.  Do not handle the package, evacuate the area if you believe there is an immediate threat to life.
  2. What to do while speaking to the caller:
    1. Basic instructions are to be calm and courteous.  Listen ... do not interrupt the caller.
    2. Pretend difficulty with hearing the caller's conversation.  Keep the caller talking.
    3. If the caller seems agreeable to further conversation, ask questions like these and jot down his or her responses.
      • What kind of bomb or device is it?
      • How many did you place?
      • When will it/they go off? At a certain hour?
      • How much time remains until it/they go off?
      • Where is it/they located? Building? Area?
    4. If the building is occupied, inform the caller that if the device detonates (goes off) it could cause injury or death.
    5. Did the caller appear familiar with the facility or building when he or she described the location of the bomb(s) or device(s)?



After contacting Public Safety, and after meeting with the University Police, contact your supervisor.



Evacuate the facilities if you believe there is an immediate threat, or if directed to do so by public safety personnel.