Mission and Vision: “It is the policy of the UCCS Police Department to maintain statements of mission, vision and core values. They shall guide department personnel in the performance of their duties.”

Mission and Vision policy


Body Worn Camera: "It is the policy of the UCCS Police Department that officers will activate the BWC when such use is appropriate to the proper performance of his or her official duties, where the recordings are consistent with this policy and law. Officers must wear and activate BWC when contacting the public for enforcement or investigation”

Body Worn Camera policy


Use of Force: "It is the policy of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) Police Department that officers comply with the laws of the State of Colorado and use only that amount of physical force that is objectively reasonable to effect an arrest of an offender, prevent an escape, or to otherwise perform their duties of protecting the community while defending themselves and others from bodily harm. Officers shall deescalate a situation when feasible.

In light of these factors and others, the UCCS Police Department recognizes that objectively reasonable force used by officers cannot always begin at the “minimally necessary” level of force. Additionally, because of differences in size, strength and specialty training among officers, different levels of force may be objectively reasonable for different officers in similar situations.

Officers will assess fluid and rapidly changing situations as well as their own abilities and training and will select the tactics and level of physical force that would be considered objectively reasonable and appropriate based on departmental approved training."

Use of Force policy


Racial Profiling: ”It is the policy of the UCCS Police Department to educate officers on the issue of racial/bias based profiling. Racial/bias based profiling is a form of discrimination under Title VII and will not be tolerated. There is a prohibition against bias based profiling to include, but not limited to; traffic contacts, field contacts, asset seizure, and forfeiture efforts. The UCCS Police Department will take a proactive approach to address these issues and investigate any profiling allegations from its members or members of the campus community.”

Racial Profiling policy


Crowd Management: “The UCCS Police Department policy regarding crowd management and crowd control is to apply the appropriate level of direction and control to protect life, property, vital facilities and maintain public peace and order and to uphold constitutional rights of free speech and assembly. It is the policy of the UCCS PD to use minimal reliance on the use of physical force and authority needed to address a crowd management or crowd control issue.”

Crowd Management policy


Professional Standards: “The University of Colorado – Colorado Springs Police Department takes all complaints seriously regarding the service provided by the Department and the conduct of its members. The Department will accept and address all complaints in accordance with this policy and applicable federal, state and local law, municipal and county rules. It is also the policy of this department to ensure that the community can report misconduct without concern for reprisal or retaliation. It should be noted; complaints alleging disagreements on traffic tickets, parking tickets, or probable cause for an arrest are examples of complaints that may not be taken. These decisions are for the Court to make and not normally subject to review by the UCCS Police Department.”

Professional Standards policy